Common Myths About Online Slots

We all want to win online slots and have searched the internet for the best tips to improve our chances at one point or another. The internet is full of these tips but they’re not all real. These are misconceptions perpetuated by people who either don’t know much better or seek to get people to risk their hard-earned money.

Placing the maximum bet raises winning chances

You will see a “Max Bet” icon, or something similar when you play an online slot machine. Some people are going to tell you that pressing the button is a sure way of growing your winning chances. Apart from the fact that it can deplete your bankroll quicker, the reality is that the button is for convenience because it can be tiresome to increase the bet manually.


Slots which have recently paid out a jackpot should be avoided

People who spread this particular theory assume in some probabilistic way that any current spin is somehow related to the last one. When you believe this, it would make sense on the surface that because a computer has just paid out a jackpot, it would be better to stop spins building up for a while. But, in fact, every spin is an isolated and entirely random case.


There’s nothing one can do to boost winning chances

Yes, you can, and this does not run contrary to previous advice that slots are random. Some types of slots give better chances than others to win. A perfect example of this would slot with smaller jackpots. Compared to those with a bigger jackpot you have a better chance of winning with these in the short term.


Depending on the time of day one will win at the slots

There are a variety of ways to tell this story, but it’s simply not true. You’ll learn that the probability of winning at slots increases with certain times of the day, week, or month. Casinos, however, have no way of reprogramming machines so they operate in that particular way. It is good news because at any time of the day you will enjoy the slots.

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